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Alien Abduction
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  The Best of Knoxville

The Knoxvillian You Would Most Like to See Abducted by an Alien

Mayor Victor Ashe

Far and away the biggest vote-getter was our city's mayor. The main reasons cited were his ineffectiveness as a leader (to put it much more politely than most of our readers) and the possibility that he might already be an alien himself. (With such vitriolic responses, it kind of makes you wonder how he keeps winning his office in landslides.) When informed of his honor, Mayor Ashe wasted no time in giving it a positive spin:

"If this were to occur, I would encourage the aliens—who are defined in Webster's Dictionary as visitors to a foreign land—to come to Knoxville often and spend freely...Beam me up, Joe."

(Come to think of it, Metro Pulse publisher Joe Sullivan probably would abduct Mayor Ashe, if he could.)

Runners Up: Thomas "Zoo Man" Huskey, George Korda, Phil Keith, Joe Johnson, Mary Lou Horner, Tom Ingram