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March 6 - April 3, 1997

Volume 7, Number 9: March 6 - March 13, 1997

Body Work

Val Pendergrast finds that in the hands of a skilled plastic surgeon, beauty really is only skin-deep as cosmetic surgery comes to the masses.

Volume 7, Number 10: March 13 - March 20, 1997

Snooze or Lose

Counting sheep but losing sleep? Jesse Fox Mayshark visits our local sleep research centers to find out why nobody seems to be getting a good night's sleep anymore.

Volume 7, Number 11: March 20 - March 27, 1997

Breathing Room

Glynn Wilson investigates the air quality in Tennessee and the controversy over new ozone standards and asks, "How much clean air can we afford?"

Volume 7, Number 12: March 27 - April 3, 1997

Cable TV Land

Coury Turczyn finds the glamour and glitz of Burbank, CA lurking locally as Knoxville blossoms into a veritable Mecca of cable TV production.