Adrienne Martini
calendar editor

Adrienne Martini

Was Aids, but that stopped in the mid-'80s. Wonder why?

Wilmington, DE

Pittsburgh, PA, North Hills, with stops in Chicago and Atlanta

Croutons or Bacon Bits:
Croutons, but only if fresh

Favorite salad dressing(s):
The Bistro's sesame ginger

Do you drink:
Does the Pope wear slippers?

Shampoo or conditioner:
I don't drink either.

Have you ever gone skinny dipping:
I've swum sans clothes but have never really been skinny.

Do you make fun of people:
only in print

Favorite colors:
It's all situational

Have you ever been convicted of a crime:
Convicted? No.

One pillow or two:
One, and it usually ends up on the floor

Three cats (Sabian, Trout, and Mooch) and one husband (Scott)

Favorite type of music:
Whatever is within arm's reach and doesn't make my teeth hurt

Yes, generally.

Favorite town to chill in:
Austin, Texas, y'all.

Favorite ice cream:
Mayfield's Moose Tracks

Favorite soft drink:
Don't drink sodas

What is your bad time of day:

Favorite time of year:

Adidas, Nike, or Reebok:

Favoriate perfume or cologne:
almost all of them give me a pounding headache.

Favorite subject in school:

Least favorite subject:

Favorite movie you have seen recently:
Haven't really seen anything wonderful recently

Favorite movie of all time:
How can you pick just one?

Favorite tv series:
Lately, That '70s Show

Favorite alcoholic drink:
Tequila anejo

Favorite sport to watch:
Football, but only if I care about the teams

Favorite cartoon:
King of the Hill

reading, flim-going -- anything that involves a lot of sitting

Places you'd most like to visit:
U.K., Spain