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Hounds of Hell

Sequoyah Hills residents out for evening strolls lately have been keeping a wary eye out for a pack of marauding good-dogs-gone-bad. The worst incident was reported by developer and former City Council candidate Archie Ellis, who was attacked while jogging. Ellis was bitten on the arm by a German shepherd who lives on Oakhurst Drive. In an email thanking his neighbors for helping to locate the canine culprits, Ellis reports that the biter has been quarantined because she is not up-to-date with her rabies shots.

"If any of you see me foaming at the mouth, you'll know why," Ellis said.

Game from Hell

The Vols' 30-something point loss to South Carolina the other week was a painful affair for everybody in orange, and suffering along with everyone else was George Lemon, owner of the champion Tennessee ThunderKats and son of Meadowlark Lemon of Harlem Globetrotters fame. The more Lemon watched, the more he remembered a team he saw a lot of back in the day, and it wasn't his daddy's Globetrotters he had in mind. Finally, he could no longer restrain himself, and hollered at Vols' radio color guy Bert Bertlekamp:

"Hey Bert, these guys couldn't beat the Washington Generals tonight!"

Politics is Hell

The rumor spread like kudzu over a trailer park—Big Lil (Lillian Bean) was running to get her old Circuit Court Clerk job back and would piggyback on a reception for county executive candidate Mike Ragsdale at Billy Stokes' law office to make her announcement. Stokes, a longtime confidant of Bean and her husband Richard, had enjoyed a brief flirtation with the idea of running for county exec himself, but bailed on the notion and threw his support behind Ragsdale, who appears to be running unopposed.

If any such plan was afoot, it was kiboshed when word got back to the Ragsdale camp that his party might turn into a Bean supper. Reception attendees say Bean sat quietly.

One Republican who wasn't there: Circuit Court Clerk Cathy Quist, who turned Bean out of office in 1998, and whom Bean, presumably, is fixing to face off against in the May primary. Why wasn't Quist at this Grand Old Party party?

"I wasn't invited," Quist said. "Why not?" we asked. "Don't ask me," Quist replied. "I wasn't privy to the guest list."

Sign on the Dotted Line...Please!

Word that local chef Mike Tjaarda might be opening a restaurant in Market Square has created quite a buzz around town (or at least a buzz in the Metro Pulse office). Tjaarda operated an excellent vegetarian and seafood restaurant in the Old City, and then ran the novel Soup Heaven in West Town Mall for a spell. Tjaarda confirms that the rumors are true, although he says "it's not 100 percent certain, but it looks like it's 95 percent certain." The restaurant he has in mind would be "upscale, but not hoity toity." The fare would be similar to the former Tjaarda's in the Old City, except that it would include meat dishes, as well as vegetarian and seafood.

The restaurant would be located next to the Soup Kitchen in Kristopher Kendrick's St. Oliver Hotel (the same space temporarily occupied by the Tomato Head while that restaurant was being rebuilt). "I wouldn't say he's going to do it until he signs a lease. I hope he does sign a lease because his product is wonderful," Kendrick says. "We've never leased that space because I didn't want to have a mundane, mediocre restaurant."

January 31, 2002 * Vol. 12, No. 5
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