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Letters to the Editor

Going My Greenway

I want to thank you for listing many of Knoxville's greenways in your article "Power of the Peds" in the Feb. 22 issue of Metro Pulse. As it was stated in the article, "Knoxville's greenways system is something to be proud of."

One of the goals of Mayor Ashe is to continue to add many miles of greenways to create a more comprehensive greenway system. This will continue to provide linkages between neighborhoods, recreation areas and public buildings typically located along our scenic creeks and rivers. The Department of Parks & Recreation is currently designing greenways for the new Northwest Park on Bradshaw Road and Gary Underwood Park in south Knoxville. An easy way to get to a greenway in Knoxville is to ride with KAT, Knoxville Area Transit. The buses are equipped with bike racks and can transport you and your bike to almost every greenway.

I strongly encourage everyone to find a trail and walk. All of the greenways wind through very scenic natural park settings. Greenways and parks provide citizens with ideal places to walk, bike, stroll young children and picnic. Citizens should use the web site that has been provided for them to get specific information on all of Knoxville's parks and greenways.

Sam Anderson, director
Knoxville Department of Parks & Recreation

The Late Master Sheddan's Lumps

John Sheddan [cover story on Cormac McCarthy, March 1] was a scholar (two Masters degrees) and a schemer and, yes, he was a hustler—a pretty damn good one, too—but neither a violator of vegetables nor one to fornicate with fruits. Whatever resemblance he bore to Cormac's fictional creation is purely incidental.

John, as I think you know, maintained contact with Cormac throughout his life, and their friendship endured many trials, most engendered by John. I do not believe Cormac, even at his most capricious, would have been so cruel as to draw such a grotesque caricature of a man he genuinely liked, and who was probably his best and most loyal friend from the Knoxville crowd.

And furthermore, [MP writer] Mike Gibson errs in lumping John in with the "lumpenproletariat." They were ALL "schemers," college boys and ruffians alike.

I believe I know who the "real" Gene Harrogate is, but out of respect for the living, I will not mention his name in print.

Buzz Kelley

Beige Rage

Talk about minimalism at its best—a prime example is "Ally Carte's" article in the Restaurant Rover report, March 1. I found it very, very, very BLANCA—void of color, journalistic ability, and any form of social graces. Her disparaging remarks toward Germany, German food, the decor of the restaurant, and the West Knoxvillians' sense of "strange fun" are inexcusable.

I frequent the Linderhof; I immensely enjoy their food and wonderful Bavarian hospitality. The chef offers the only Norwegian salmon in Knoxville. Face it, we rarely get Alaskan, mainly Atlantic. These people came to Farragut to share their culture and their food with us, and Ally Carte "thanks" them by her insults towards their country and their diet.

If the chef would be interviewed, I am certain he would not describe his cutlet as "veal being pounded into submission." Lavender and red? The interior is very tastefully done in shades of rich purple and gold and lavender (which, I might add, are all colors of royalty found in many castles) with red napkins on the tables. The strudel for dessert is their rendition of strudel, not our Americanized version laden with nuts and raisins.

How fortunate we are to have an authentic international restaurant in our area!

Ally Carte—I must say I find your "pen name" to be a red-neck version of the term "a la carte." Leave the restaurant critiquing to Mr. Walter Lambert—he's much better.

Alan Lasater

Olfactory What?

I am amazed and angered about the Linderhof Restaurant article. Ms. "Alley Cat's" hostility toward the food, owner, nationality, and atmosphere was full of piss and vinegar. This diet may be more suited for her vegetarian taste.

I have dined there many times. Tomato soup—vine ripened essence in a bowl, pork shanks, sauerkraut, dumplings, all too warmly caress my senses. Black forest cake with sour cherries full of tartness surrounded by rich, moist chocolate cake. Come hither.

The atmosphere is a needed vacation with side trips of olfactory gastronomic orgasms. Dinner guests moaning in absolute delight.

German hospitality is everywhere. Guests are treated like neighbors. The staff is attentive and warm.

Readers—make up your own minds. Ignore this bean curd brain's opinion. Try it, you will come back for more.

We are fortunate to have Linderhof. If you can't offer an apology to these fine people, stay home! Eat your chips, drink your diet coke. Leave fine dining to those with an open mind to enjoy it.

Sandra Trammell
Oak Ridge