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Emma Poptart borrowed the Metro Pulse helicopter five days ago, and we haven't seen her since. In the meantime, please enjoy this entertaining letter we received this week:

Dear Editor,

Please seriously consider the article for publication and join our global action together with ALL media and ALL political leaders ALL over the world that have received the attention on the serious matters reported. For your information, I was a victim of break and enter, theft and other police offences and below was an enactment of the incidents.

On 3 June, 94. I went out at 2:30 p.m. from my apartment. When I gone back at 2:37 p.m. I discovered that both my apartment and my bedroom were broken and entered. I discovered that my newly bought hi-fi components (bought at A & B Sound) and forty CDs (costed CAD$2,000) were stolen from my bedroom. When I reported the crimes to the police woman badge # 9082 who admitted the fact of surveillance (two years afterwards in 1996), she behaved very arrogant. She purposely hanged up the phone several times in order to aggravate me.

Being alerted of constant harassment, out of suspicion, in 21 September, 96, at 6:00 p.m., I confirmed with the same police woman badge # 9082 via 911 that the Vancouver police had placed some audio and video surveillance devices inside my apartment. She refused to remove them and asked me to remove them. The Vancouver police were very familiar with the environment inside the apartment. In other words, the Vancouver police specificially targeted at my properties that were located at his bedroom and knew exactly when my family members inside left the apartment. When myself, my mother and elder sister left the apartment on 3 June 1994, at 2:30 p.m., the Vancouver police sneaked into my apartment, stolen my properties and left within a minutes.

In July, 96, I called the Vancouver police in 320 Main Street, Vancouver, a male police who had sneaky remarks (about twenty something years old, caucasian) lied that the former chief constable Ray Canuel was in Atlanta, Georgia so that he could not handle the complaint. Afterwards, I sent a letter to Ray Canuel (deceased of cancer) in the same month without hearing any response. I then presented the complaint in person directly to the assistant to Ray Canuel. The assistant deceived me that the Vancouver police would respond to my complaint three weeks later. The complaint aroused the police's revenge. Two polices without search and arrest warrant trespassed my apartment in Feb., 97. One caucasian police opened my complaint letter which was originally sealed without my consent and I was falsely arrested by the two polices. One of the police were a Chinese who were about 5"6, 160 lb., black and short hair. Another police were a caucasian who were about 6"2, gray and long ha!

ir whir covered his trim, gray-blue eyes, about 220 lb.. Both polices were thirty something years old. The latter one misrepresented and called himself as former Chief Constable Ray Canuel (deceased). The two polices committed trespass and false arrest.

The fact that Vancouver police are morally corruptive makes no difference my efforts. When I filed the complaint through other formal channels three years afterward, i.e. 1999, I received a fabricated letter from Sergeant Mike Bernard, Office of the Chief Constable, Internal Investigation Section, Vancouver Police Department dated 20 May, 99, falsifyinging that police badge #581 Dave Turpin, Tony Zanatta had conducted the investigations. Indeed, they never contacted me nor take any report.

On the other hand, given the Vancouver police are coercive that they collude with every party I seek help from or affiliate with. When I booked an appointment with a security company, APC Security in Burnaby, B.C., to do a further sweep on my apartment, the Vancouver police colluded with the company not to show up at the appointment on 26 July, 99. The same circumstances happened for Brian Brown & Associates INC, owner: Brian; operator: Laurie. Ph. (604) 2912121 and Interglobe Investigation Services Inc, owner: Brian. Ph. (604) 2912121. On 6 Aug., 99, the Vancouver police called the property manager of Crosby Property Management Ltd. to follow me when I walked to the garden. The property manager purposely aggravated me and tried to fight with me. The property manager asked me to complain to the management (instead of the police complaint authorities) so that they can cover up the conspiracies....

Yours Sincerely,
(name withheld out of kindness)

March 8, 2001 * Vol. 11, No. 10
© 2001 Metro Pulse