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And now a word from one of our local web-heads who calls himself Electroboy:

Well, I wasn't going to mention The Dick (it seems so, well, Clinton-era—and besides, their CD just got reviewed here a couple of months back) but now I feel I should recommend their "Trust Your Leaders (Election Year Remix)" at As I write this, at least, our leaders are living down to this song.

On other fronts, Vacationist League produces something I once called "quality garage music." And that's what it is: thick, distorted guitar, a driving beat, and a sense of unstructured mayhem and fresh fun. I hope that garage music never goes out of style. And as long as it stays this good, it never will. Check out "Skateboard in the Cemetery" for a post-'90s view of youthful rebellion, and "Chaste no Straighter" for a new take on laundry. (Hmm... quality laundry-room music?) They're at

Knoxville has gotten a reputation for web music, and in particular people are talking about it as a great town for putting blues on the web. "Jeez, not another great blues band from Knoxville," says one website. One reason for Knoxville's reputation is the Hector Qirko band, whose site features cuts from their latest CD South at

"You are going to hell. That's just the way it is, you're going to hell and burn forever: go straight to hell—do not pass go, and collect $200. You are going to hell!" That's the refrain of DJ Moron's song "Hell," which you can hear at—then you can ask yourself the question everyone else who hears this song asks: "Is that really Ross Perot singing?" I don't think so, but it sounds amazingly like the big-eared Texan.

And there you have it. Some tunage for the plastic box that sits on your desk, which proves that it is more than a random number generator and/or a paperweight. Thanks Electroboy!

Is That New York Cheesecake? Knoxville ex-pats The Cheeksteers (currently in the midst of a move from Nashville to Asheville, if you're keeping score) got a surprise phone call the week before Election Day. It was from New York state, someone representing the campaign of a little-known candidate named Hillary Rodham Clinton. Seems that the First Lady's staff had somehow discovered "Hilary Cheesecake," a dreamy pop number from the band's recent Skating on the Cusp CD (notable lyric: "Yeah, she's tough/ But she's in love with herself"). According to bass player Shannon Hines Casson, Hil's folks wanted to know if they could use the song in some of her campaign appearances. Uh, sure, the Cheeksters said. And so it was done. Hines says the band's trying to leverage the exposure into some radio attention. In any case, you've gotta give Clinton credit for having better taste than her Kenny G-lovin' hubby.

Go.Is That New York Cheesecake?

Thanksgiving has everyone's schedules a bit kerfluffled but here are some suggestions, just in case you need something to do with or without the family.

Thursday: Eat. Watch football. Eat more. Make a list of all of the things you are thankful for—and make sure you write down your favorite Knoxville bands. Then nap.

Friday: Shaken Babies with Greg Horne's Exploding Band at Buffalo Grille. It's worth the drive out to Oak Ridge to catch these knuckleheads in action.

Saturday: The World Famous Lipizzaner Stallions at Thompson-Boling Arena. Everyone loves big horses.

Sunday: Smoky Mountain Show Chorus with the Vine Middle School Choir at Knoxville Museum of Art. Hear some Christmas carols and, while you're there, check out painter William Glackens' brand of impressionism.

Monday: Chris Brown at Barley's. Barley's singer-songwriter night is like a potluck supper but Brown should be able to serve up a few tasty dishes.

Tuesday: Make a Christmas list. Check it twice.

Wednesday: Annual Holiday Show at Hanson Gallery. Mmmmm. Art is good for you.

—Emma "why are there no Thanksgiving songs?" Poptart

November 23, 2000 * Vol. 10, No. 47
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