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Four Knoxvillians tell you why it's the end of the world as we know it—and you shouldn't exactly be feeling fine.

by Hillari Dowdle

Apocalypse now? The consensus is: maybe, maybe not.

But even if our demise is less than imminent, there's plenty to worry about as the millennium approaches: disease, death, pestilence, the New World Order, overpopulation, the end of lives as we know them, and—worst of all—system error. We're not sure any of the above will actually come to pass, but then we're not sure they won't all come to pass.

Here are four perspectives from experts and laymen on the bad news at the turn of the century. Each one has a different view on how, exactly, life as we know it might end. And—lest they be judged too "negative" by the more optimistic among our readers—we've included the good news about the bad news. Consider yourself warned!



The Verge of Extinction

Apocalypse Soon

Bacteria Boogeymen