An Option to Mayhem and Murder

In response to: "Dangerous Practice" [by Jesse Fox Mayshark] in the Nov. 26 1998 issue of Metro Pulse:

Why can't they seem to understand? There are so many levels to this issue. The clinics the violence is targeting are not just there to perform abortions. They see young women like myself who do not have enough money to see a regular OBGYN. I go to a local clinic to get an annual exam and birth control. However, if I were pregnant, abortion would not be an option due to my personal beliefs. My own conscience would not allow me to do it because I love children and I believe that God will not give me something I cannot handle. It's an easy view to have in my situation because I have a very loving, supportive family and I am in a long-term monogamous relationship. I do understand that there are women not as lucky as I and that their bringing a child into this world would only get us two miserable souls instead of one. Don't the violence-givers realize that if their judgment and actions are based on religious beliefs, then they are just wrong? If they truly believe in their religion, they would understand that it is not their place to judge because only God can do that. The crimes they commit are equal to any other murder. Or perhaps this is now "an eye for an eye."

I believe that anyone pro-life needs to go out and adopt a child. Abortion is a deeply personal decision that a woman needs to make and I have no right to tell her she cannot unless I intend to adopt her child at birth.

I am no longer going to the clinic because I am afraid. I am saving money to go to a "safe" doctor and when friends ask me where they can go to get birth control or check about a pregnancy or STD, I tell them "I don't know." These clinics give people information about their options for birth control and disease prevention. They try to educate their patients about birth control available and treatment and prevention of STDs and unwanted pregnancies. These places are a defense against the ignorance that surrounds us. Sex is not bad, but God forbid we talk to our children about it...they might go out and do it then. TOO LATE. Too late. Teach them, talk to them, let them ask you questions before they find out for themselves. This is the only option for our children. Abstinence is a great idea but anyone who has their finger on the pulse of young America knows that it is the exception, not the rule, and we have got to have other options. Teach them, talk to them, find the facts. Don't you think this is a better option than mayhem and murder? I certainly do.

Name withheld by request.

Skate 'n' Vote

Thanks to Metro Pulse for presenting such a balanced perspective on skateboarding and the conflicts with KPD and pedestrians ["Skating the Law?" by John Sewell, vol. 8, No. 50]. My friends and I are skaters. We are also honors students at Vine Magnet Performing Arts and Sciences Middle School. We do chores to earn money to buy our skateboards, and our parents support our choice of recreational activities. We aren't necessarily rebellious or angry kids, we just like to skate. We respect authority, and resent the fact that we are judged by how we look or how we dress. We'd also like to be able to skate Market Square, or skate the World's Fair Park. Remember, someday we'll vote...

Ian Pilarski-Turner