Yes, it's good to know that fascism, this time in the thinly veiled guise of the Baptist church, has triumphed once again. I am referring, of course, to the cancellation of the planned Indigo Girls concert that was to be held at Farragut High School. Those cheeky purveyors of free speech almost had their way but, thanks to some last minute intervention on behalf of Farragut's own Central Baptist Concord youth minister and the ever militant Edwin Hedgepeth, head principal of aforementioned high school, potential enlightenment was averted. Whew! Yes, we wouldn't want Central Baptist Concord, now finishing construction of their new reeducation center/monster truck arena, to lose their tight grip on the easily impressionable youths of West Knoxville. It's good to know that order is still maintained by narrow-minded bigots.

Jason Sparks

And Now, A Word From Dumbass Land

Lord Jesse:

So it's cool for chicks to muff dive and dudes to take a blue-veined hummer up the kazoo? Right on! That's what you're preaching to us ignorant redneck bohunks out here in Dumbass Land. Indigo Girls unite! ["Fear and Loathing in Farragut," by Jesse Fox Mayshark, Vol. 8, No. 19]

What do you know about "Gays in the Military"? You never served a day in your life. Never will. I doubt if your politically correct friends ever picked up a weapon to defend anything, save maybe a flyswat to correct a blowfly invasion at Metro Pulse.

Really, old sod. Your interpretation of the Bible is jaded and self-serving. Slavery? The blacks in Africa sold their own African people to the slave ships of the world. Women's suffrage? They elected Slick Willy, which I find amusing since Mr. Big can't keep Mr. Happy in his presidential jeans. But the National Organization for Women has a logical solution to all this conflict of's called hypocrisy.

Your agenda is all wet, Jesse. You're too young and too obsessed to understand what the devil you're talking about. If you did, you would realize that the '60s have come home to roost in spades (meaning a lot of parents from our Vietnam era don't know jack about raising kids) being a case in point. People like me just shake our heads over in disbelief when you promote homosexuality to our sex-obsessed teenagers.

God is dead! Long live K-Y jelly!

Yes, Jesse, I was a Marine. Swine like me helped keep America safe for Liberal beauties such as yourself.

Larry Henry

P.S.: Why not print my opinion? Shouldn't we Conservatives have an equal voice with Metro Pulse? We buy your advertising...