What About Bob?

Recently I've seen Bob Deck, the former host of Prime Talk, at the bagel shop in Bearden. He's always alone, and I don't want to bother him, but I'm curious about what he's up to these days. Consider this: He might make an interesting candidate for your "Out to Lunch" profile series. Surely I'm not the only person who misses him and his show.

Speaking of which (can anyone explain Live at Five to me? Ted Hall? Go figure...), Bob Deck's show symbolized Knoxville—the real Knoxville. It mercifully didn't feature the cutesy profiles that we get from Ken Schwall (another Channel 10 question mark). Instead we got Bob, a guy who wasn't afraid to exercise his brain and his sense of humor, and just plain made you feel good watching him. Every show I watched was infused with a playfulness and connection with the viewer that doesn't exist (or, at least I don't get it) in any other local news show.

Anyway, he's an interesting character. I miss the show. He should've won the "Best of Knoxville" when he was on.

Bernadette Russell

Bob Deck responds:

Dear Ms. Russell,

I'm flattered that you would write and inquire about my life. I'm disappointed that you didn't offer to pay for my bagel.

Rest easy. I am fine. I spend a great deal of time drinking coffee and staring into space, just as I did when I was doing the show for TNi. Only now, I don't break for commercials.

I miss the show; I miss the calls. I don't miss the hours. Do another show? Sure. But I haven't exactly had any offers. Maybe Metro Pulse will take you up on your suggestion and invite me to lunch....

Regarding Live at Five: What do you want explained, their apparent success or the name? I'm afraid I can't help with either. Of course, any self-respecting adult is most likely downing a beer at five o'clock—not watching Ted and Moira.

I found your comment about Ken Schwall confusing: I've never considered him a question mark. I've always thought of Ken as a colon, or perhaps a semicolon.