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January 9 - February 6, 1997

Volume 7, Number 1: January 9 - January 16, 1997

Harsh Treatment

The techniques sound like they come from the dark ages of psychotherapy: straightjackets, windowless rooms, patients being "taken down" to the carpet... But these are just some of the elements of Peninsula Village's program for deeply troubled adolescents. Do they go too far, or are they the last hope for desperate parents? Betty Bean looks at both sides of the issue.

Volume 7, Number 2: January 16 - January 23, 1997

Cover story: Double Takes

Jack Neely and photographer Aaron Jay take us on a picturesque junket of Knoxville's most intriguing -- and occassionally forgotten -- sights.

Volume 7, Number 3: January 23 - January 30, 1997

Cover story: Electrifying Changes

How will deregulation affect TVA? Is there a new kid on the electric block who could give it a run for our money? Bill Dockery shines some light on the latest legislation affecting our public power monolith.

Volume 7, Number 4: January 30 - February 6, 1997

Cover story: How West Was Won

After years of fighting a negative public image, West High School shines up its tarnished reputation and makes a comeback as one of the best schools in town. Jesse Fox Mayshark goes west for an education in academic achievement.