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To know us is to love us - and to subscribe is to love us more. Subscriptions are $30/year, and can be had by sending a check, money order, or credit card info (Visa/MasterCard) to Metro Pulse, 505 Market Street, Level 300, Knoxville, TN 37902. If you don't love us but enjoy reading the paper anyway, you can pick it up for free at the locations below.

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Manhattan's, 101 S. Central Ave.
Amsterdam Cafe, 102 S. Central Avenue
Chelsea Station, 103 W. Jackson Ave.
All Night Eggplant, 105 W. Jackson
Lucilles, 106 N. Central
Futopia, 106 N. Jackson
Hooray's, 106 S. Central
Java, 109 1/2 S.Central
Melting Pot, 111 S. Central
Amigo's, 116 S. Central
Sullivan Street Market, 118 E. Jackson
Tjaarda's, 118 S. Central Avenue
Earth to 121 W. Jackson Ste 101
Big Easy, 125 E. Jackson Avenue
The Underground, 214 W. Jackson Ave.
Scripps Howard, 614 N. Central Ave.
BW3, Central Ave.
Corner of Central and Jackson
Spaghetti Warehouse, Jackson Ave.
JFG Coffee House, Jackson Ave.


Soup Kitchen, 1 Market Square Mall
Jetta's, 119 Gay Street
The Tomato Head, 12 Market Sq.
Harold's Deli, 131 Gay Street
Fever, 133-A South Gay St.
Theater Central, 141 S. Gay
Market Square Restaurant, 2 Market Square
Perry's, 29 Market Square
Pandora's Books, 30 Market Square
Chamber of Commerce, 301 E. Church Ave.
Regas, 318 N Gay
Max's Cafe', 4 Market Sq.
Parisi's Italian Rest, 401 Henley Street
ReRuns, 418 Union Ave.
Goldies, 420 Union Ave.
Chesapeakes, 500 Henley
Hyatt Regency, 500 Hill Ave.
Post Office (east), 501 Main Ave.
Hilton, 501 W. Clinch Ave.
Post Office (west), 501 Main Ave.
Metro Pulse Office, 505 Market Street
First American Bank, 505 S. Gay Street
Home Federal Bank, 515 Market Street
Convention and Visitors Center, 525 Henley Street
YMCA, 605 Clinch
City County Building, 615 Hill Ave.
City County Building, 615 W. Main Street
Arcade Building, 618 S. Gay Street
Crescent Moon Cafe, 705 Market Street
NY Bagel and Deli Shop, 710 N. Gay Street
Garo's (inside), 722 S. Gay Street
Garo's (outside), 722 S. Gay Street
Bistro, 807 S. Gay
Bijou, 807 S. Gay
Gay and Main
East Tennessee Historical Society, Clinch Ave.
UT Conference Center, Henley Street, 4th Floor
Market Square & Union Street
Calhouns, Neyland Drive


Candy Factory, 1010 Laurel Ave.
11th Street Expresso, 1016 Laurel Ave
Electric Ballroom, 1213 Summit Hill Drive
Vic 'N Bill's, 1501 White Ave.
Laurel Theater, 1538 Laurel [email protected] Front Door
Ramsey's Cafeteria, 1547 White Ave.
Dynasty Express, 1647 Cumberland Ave.
Campus Bookstore, 1649 Cumberland Ave.
Cat's, 1707 Cumberland Ave
Varsity Inn, 1713 Cumberland
Hawkeyes, 1717 White Ave.
Nixon's Deli,1800 Cumberland
Sam and Andy's, 1801 Cumberland Ave.
Copper Cellar,1807 Cumberland
Flamingo Grill, 1836 Cumberland Ave.
King's Cleaners, 1842 Cumberland Ave.
Long Branch, 1848 Cumberland Ave.
Ft. Sanders Medical Center Cafeteria, 1901 Clinch Ave
Hanna's Cafe, 1901 Cumberland Ave
Sunspot, 1909 Cumberland Ave.
The Last Lap, 1912 Cumberland
East Tennessee Maternity Center, 1925 B Ailor Ave
Spicy's, 1931 Cumberland
Stefano's,1937 Cumberland Ave.
Gryphon's, 2003 Highland, NW
Subway,2104 Cumberland
Buds and Suds, 2114 Cumberland Ave
Blockbuster Music, 2121 Cumberland Ave.
Old College Inn, 2204 Cumberland Ave.
MLB Building, 2247 Western Avenue
MLB Building 2, 2247 Western Avenue
Ft. Sanders Professional Bldg., 501 20th Street
Falafel Hut, 601 15th Str.
Sam's Grocery, 605 15th Str.
Sam's Laundry Mat, 605 15th Str
Threds/The Living Room, 713 17th Street
Selvador Deli, 715 17th Street
Charlie Pepper's, 716 20th Street
The Golden Roast, 825 Melrose Place


Cumberland & Volunteer
Glocker Business Building, 100 Volunteer Blvd
The Library (Foyer), 1015 Volunteer
N. Carrick Hall, 1021 Francis
S. Carrick Hall, 1023 Francis
Morrill Hall, 1038 20th Street
Mary Wine (lower level), 1325 Circle Park, 107Q
Andy Holt (elevator lobby), 1330 Circle Park
Journalism School, 1331 Circle Park
New Rock 90, 1331 Circle Park
Circle Park, 1331 Circle Park
Ayres Hall, 1403 CIrcle Drive
Cafeteria, 1502 W. Cumberland
Strong Hall, 1621 Cumberland Ave.
Clement Hall, 1629 W. Cumberland
Art and Architecture, 1715 Volunteer
Hess Hall, 1720 Melrose
Music Building, 1741 Volunteer
Reese, 1910 Caledonia
Humes, 1911 Andy Holt Ave.
Aquatic Center, 2106 Andy Holt
Tradewinds, 2111 University Ave.
Andy Holt, 2117 Andy Holt Ave.
WUOT, 232 Communications Building
Greve Hall, 821 Volunteer Blvd
Massey Hall, 825 Volunteer
Shelbourn Tower, 860 20th Street
Dunford Hall, 915 Volunteer
Stokely Management, 916 Volunteer
Presidential Court, Francis & Melrose
Stadium & Cumberland
Humanities and Social Sciences, UT Campus
Kingston Place Condominiums, 2718 Painter Ave


Courtyard Cafe, 105 Carr Street
Natural Alternatives Salon, 108 Carr Street
Holiday Inn-Papermill, 1315 Kirby Road
Bally's Health and Fitness, 1501 Kirby Road
Best Little Cathouse, 205 Mohican Street (Homberg)
Court South, 207 Walker Springs Rd.
Jason's Cafe, 2452 Sutherland Ave.
Terrace Theater, 315 Mohican
Blues Depot, 315 Mohican Str.
C. C. Coffee and Deli, 4405 Western Plaza
The Mill, 4429 Kingston Pike
Post Office, 4434 Sutherland Ave.
The Bike Zoo, 4445 Kingston Pike
Green Earth Emporium, 4451 Kingston Pike
Gemstone-Near West, 4499 Kingston Pike
Bennett Galleries, 4515 Kingston Pike
The Flower Market, 4520 Old Kingston Pike
Ashe's Package Store, 4534 Old Kingston Pike
Trumps, 4541 Kingston Pike
Bogie's, 4543 Kingston Pike
East Tennessee School of Beauty, 4551 Kingston Pike
Long's Drugs, 4604 Kingston Pike
Kingston Pike Antique Mall, 4612 Kingston Pike
New York Bagel & Deli, 4622 Kingston Pike
Ivory's, 4705 Old Kingston Pike
Andrew Morton, 4705 Old Kingston Pike
Crystal Wonders, 4721 Homberg Place
Colonel's Deli, 4809 Newcom
McKay Used Books and CD's, 4830 Kingston Pike
Eva's For Lunch, 4900 Chambliss
Eden, 4931 Homberg Drive
Toddy's Back Door Tavern, 4951 Kingston Pike
Dad's Cafe, 5032 Whitiker
Little Italian, 5104 A Kingston Pike
Gourmet's Market, 5107 Kingston Pike
Java 2, 5115 Homberg Dr.
The Olive Tree, 5120 Kingston Pk.
Tuscany, 5200 Kingston Pike
Rechenbachs, 5220 Homberg Drive
Wright's Cafeteria, 5403 Middlebrook Pike
Orangery, 5412 Kingston Pike
Hanson Artsource, 5607 Kingston Pike
Nixon's Deli-West, 5716 Kingston Pike
Food City, 5941 Kingston Pike
Bombay Bicycle Club, 6300 Papermill Road
Natures Pantry, 6600 Kingston Pike
El Charro, 6701 Kingston Pike
Ron Hall Salon, 8 Forest Court
Kroger-Knox Plaza, 4918 Kingston Pike
Riversports, Sutherland Ave.
Fresh Market, Western Plaza


McGuffy's, 100 N. Seven Oaks Drive
Oak Ridge 66, 1000 Oak Ridge Turnpike
Calhouns-Far West, 10200 Kingston Pike
Alpine Bagel Co., 10400 Kingston Pike
Kroger, 11238 Kingston Pike
Davis Kidd Books, 113 N Peters Road
Farragut 66, 11321 Kingston Pike
Ruby Tuesday's, 11400 Kingston Pike
Post Office-Farragut, 11409 Municipal Center Drive
Slice of Life Bakery, 11426 Kingston Pike
Winn Dixie, 115 S. Illinois Ave.
China House Restaurant, 11509 Kingston Pike
Gemstone-Village Green, 11519 Kingston Pike
KT's Bicycle Shop, 11531 Kingston Pike
Salon Visage, 11811 Kingston Pike
Ingles, 11817 Kingston Pike
O'Charley's, 11820 Kingston Pk.
Knoxville Sports, 124 Seven Oaks Drive
Food City, 1537 Downtown West Blvd.
Disc Jockey-West, 157 N. Peters Road
The Peaceable Kingdom, 159 West End Ave.
Wild Bird Emporium, 171 N. Peters Road
Roman's Pizza, 179 Seven Oaks Drive
Bob's Package Store, 1820 N. Winston Road
Nixons Deli-Far West, 240 N. Peter's Road
Kroger, 246 S. Illinois Ave. Oak Ridge
Walmart, 251Walker Springs
Corky's Bar-B-Que, 260 N. Peters Road
Oak Ridge Bicycle Center, 28 Jefferson Ave
Fort Sanders Health and Fitness Center, 280 Fort Sanders West Blvd.
Hamrick's, 298 N. Seven Oaks Ave.
McScrooges Liquor, 307 N. Peters Road
Food Lion, 341 N. Cedar Bluff
Cat's-Oak Ridge, 361 A Illinois Avenue
McKays Used Books-Oak Ridge, 374 S. Illinois Ave
Cedar Bluff Cleaners, 402 North Cedar Bluff Rd.
Cargo Station, 4439 Western Ave.
Kroger, 4440 Western Ave.
Soup Kitchen-Oak Ridge, 47 E. Tennessee Avenue
Heads and Tails, 477 Park 40 N. Blvd.
Food City, Cumberland Estates, 5801 Western Ave.
Calhoun's-West, 6515 Kingston Pike
Food Lion-Oak Ridge, 6911 Emory Valley Road
Mr. Gatti's, 6913 Kingston Pike
World Futon, 6915 Kingston Pike
Michael's, 7049 Kingston Pike
Int'l House of Pancakes, 7128 Kingston Pike
Metz and Kerchner, 7212 Kingston Pike
Stefano's-West, 7213 Kingston Pike
Food Lion, 7220 Oak Ridge Hwy
Bookstar, 7240 Kingston Pike
Stir Fry Cafe, 7240 Kingston Pike
Lost and Found Records, 7305 Kingston Pike
Copper Cellar-West, 7310 Kingston Pike
Little Caesar's, 7315 Kingston Pike
Cat's-Kingston Pike, 7337 Kingston Pike
Alpine Ski Center, 7340 Kingston Pike
Food Lion, 7428 Kingston Pike @ K-Mart
Subway-West, 7509 Kingston Pike
Butler and Bailey, 7513 Northshore Drive
Half-Time Pizza, 7594 Oak Ridge Highway #13
Sam Goody's, 7600 Kingston Pike (West Town Mall)
Gemstone-West, 8023 Kingston Pike
La Paz, 8025 Kingston Pike
Grey Goose Gallery, 8027-A Kingston Pike
High Tech Hair, 8078 Kingston Pike
Ali Baba's Deli, 8361 Kingston Pike
NOW! Audio Video, 8416 Kingston Pike
Disc Exchange-West, 8420 Kingston Pike
Books-A-Million, 8515 Kingston Pike
Winn Dixie, 8526 Kingston Pike
Post Office-Ten Mile Center, 8807 Kingston Pike
Bi-Lo, 8905 Kingston Pike
Peters Road 66, 9007 Kingston Pike
All Ears Audio and Books, 9113-A Executive Park Drive
Bel Aire Grill-West, 9117 Executive Park Blvd.
Food City, 9123 Executive Park Blvd.
Revco-Cedar Springs Center, 9224 Kingston Pike
Soup Kitchen-West, 9246 Park West Blvd.
Kroger, 9305 Kingston Pike
Market Place Mall, 9333 Kingston Pike
Italian Market and Grill, 9648 Kingston Pike
Pellissippi State, Cafeteria/1095 Hardin Valley Road
Shadow Mountain Outfitters, Oak Ridge Mall/333 Main Street
Pellissippi State Student Lobby,1095 Hardin Valley Road


Disc Jockey-East Town, 3039 B East Towne Mall
Ruby Tuesday's, 3051 Mall Road N.
Food City, 4302 Asheville Hwy
Cox and Wright, 4416 Asheville Highway
Kroger, 4501 Asheville Highway
Farmer's Market, 4700 New Harvest Lane
Food Lion, 4728 Centerline Drive @ Home depot
Food Lion, 5718 Asheville Hwy @ K-Mart
Rocky Top Barber Shop, 8419 Asheville Highway
Race Trac Station, Asheville Hwy @ John Sevier
Walmart, East Town Mall


Roy's Records, 128 West Broadway
Food City, 131 N. Hall Road
Disc Jockey-Foothills Mall, 156 Foothills Mall
Food City-Maryville, 1610 West Broadway
Southland Books, 1634 W. Broadway
Soup Kitchen-Maryville, 211 W. Broadway
South Knoxville Post Office, 211 Young High Pike
Kroger-Maryville, 244 S. Hall
Disc Exchange-2615 Chapman Highway
Bel Aire Grill-2650 Alcoa Highway
Court 2934 Alcoa Highway
Food City, 2939 Alcoa Highway
R. J.'s Courtyard, 3749 Alcoa Highway
Smoke Stack, 3907 Chapman Highway
Chapman 66, 3925 Chapman Highway
Food City, 4221 Chapman Highway
Kroger, 4409 Chapman Highway
Buddy's BBQ, 4409 Chapman Highway
Gemstone-Chapman Square, 4409 Chapman Highway
What the Dickens Booksellers, 4409 Chapman Highway
Waldenbooks, 4501 Chapman Hwy
Maryville College, 502 E.Lamar Alexander Hwy
Food Lion, 6506 Chapman
Walmart, 6522 Chapman Highway
Bayou Bay, 7112 Chapman Hwy.
Kroger, 7224 Chapman Hwy
Polo Mexican Restaurant, 7317 Chapman Highway
Winn Dixie/Little Caesar, Chapman Hwy @ John Sevier
Baptist Hospital Gift Shops, First Floor, A-lobby
Baptist Hospital Gift Shops, First Floor, Tower Lobby


Post Office Ftn.City, 131 Glenwood
Ingles, 215 Cedar Lane
Kroger, 2217 Broadway Shopping Center
Post Office, 2600 N. Broadway
Express Cash, 2601 N. Broadway
Fountain Room, 2803 Essary Drive
Big O's, 314 Merchants Drive
Powell Cinemas, 3551 W. Emory Road
Rainbow Video, 4119 N. Broadway
Nixon's Deli, 4423 Western Ave.
Food City, 4454 North Broadway
Buddy's BBQ, 4500 N. Broadway
Broadway 66, 4801 N. Broadway
Walgreen's, 4901 N. Broadway
Kroger, 5003 N. Broadway
Cat's-Clinton Hwy, 5026 Clinton Highway
Nixon's Deli, 5034 Broadway
Cat's-Ftn. City, 5034 N. Broadway
Nixon's Deli, 508 Merchants
Marcus' Pizza, 5100 N. Broadway
Food City, 5218 N. Broadway
Kroger, 5425 Clinton Highway
Post Office (Norwood), 5515 Clinton Highway
Court South, 5621 Merchants Rd.
Harb's on Broadway, 608 N. Broadway
Amber Restaurant, 6515 Maynardville Hwy.
Ingles, 6723 Clinton Hwy
Cicero's Pizza, 6915 Maynardville Hwy
Kroger, 6939 Maynardville Hwy.
Post Office-Halls, 7018 Maynardville Hwy
Winn Dixie, 7114 Maynardville Hwy.
Ingles, 7220 Norris Freeway
Sassy Ann's, 820 N. Fourth Ave.
KCDC, 901 Broadway N.E.
Wallaby's, 902 1/2 Kermit Road
Chopstix Restaurant, 904 Merchants Drive
Knox County Health Clinic, 925 Cleveland Place
Knoxville Food Co-Op, 937 Broadway

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