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Listings are free.

Metro Pulse is published every Thursday. Deadline for the Metro Pulse events calendar is Wednesday, eight days before publication. Press releases that come in after this date will be considered only as space permits.

Listings are preferred in writing and are accepted via:

Mail: MetroPulse, Attn: Calendar, 505 Market St., Suite 300, Knoxville, 37902;
Fax: (865) 522-2955, Attn: Calendar;
E-mail: [email protected]
...and in person. We do not accept listings by phone.

Please don't submit calendar listings as e-mail attachments. Instead, type (or cut & paste) the information into the message body. Calendar listings sent as attachments will be discarded.

We do accept pictures as e-mail attachments. The pictures must be in JPEG or TIFF format, have a resolution of at least 150 dpi and measure at least 5" in width. When sending an attachment, please make the topic apparent in the subject line and message body. Due to threat of viruses, any unidentified attachments will be discarded.

You can also send pictures, either glossies or slides, via snail mail. Pictures are not printed in the calendar, but we may use them to write a spotlight on your event.

Listings are divided into the following categories, and should contain the following information:

Music: band name, openers (if known), brief description (if available), venue, time, cover charge. Please also note if the show is all ages, 18+, or 21+. If advance tickets are sold, please list a phone number. If the show is recurring, please note how often and for how long.

Club Nights: venue, phone number, date and time, brief description.

Theater and Dance: event title, venue name and address, brief description (if you wish), show dates, time, ticket price, and phone number to order tickets or of venue.

Art: venue, address, phone number, hours of operation, show dates, title of exhibit, artist's name, day/time of opening reception if applicable, brief description (if you wish). Art listings must be for shows by specific artists or guilds, with specific show dates.

Open Call. Includes theater audition notices, call for artists, and volunteer opportunities: name of sponsor group, date or deadline, venue (if applicable), time (if applicable), brief description or explanation, phone number or address.

Open Book. Includes lectures and book-signings: name of author or speaker, book publisher (if applicable), date, venue, time, admission price, brief description, book title (if applicable), phone number.

Kids: please include info for date, time, venue, any fees, and phone number.

Classes/Workshops: please include info for date, time, venue, any fees, brief description of class, instructor's name, and a phone number. Only two classes per location will be listed in any given week's issue.

Events: This is our miscellaneous category. Please include whatever info is applicable, including date, time, venue, price, a brief description of the event, and a phone number.

Meetings: Meetings must be in the public interest and not for private profit. Please include name of group, brief description (if you wish), date, time, venue, phone number.

Religious: Religious events must be date-specific. Please include date, time, venue, price, a brief description of the event, and a phone number.

Incomplete listings will not be accepted.

Calendar information is compiled from what is addressed to the calendar, specifically. Do not assume that information listed in an ad or elsewhere in the publication will automatically make it into the calendar. Metro Pulse is not responsible for missing information if it is not submitted to the calendar editor.

Listings for continuing events must be updated every four weeks, or the listings will be removed from the calendar.

Listings can run for two issues prior to the event, or the event's registration deadline, space permitting.

Please notify us of any cancellations or changes to your event, even if it's past the deadline. We can usually cut from (but not add to) the calendar at the last minute.

TBAs will not be listed in the music calendar unless specifically requested.

Classes/Workshop listings are accepted for date-specific events ONLY. The calendar is not an advertising vehicle for ongoing businesses.

Religious listings are limited to date-specific events only and must be of interest to the general public; we cannot list weekly worship services or study groups.

Listing submissions for out-of-town events are considered only as space permits, no exceptions.

Unfortunately, due to lack of space, we are not able to accept listings for high school, junior high or elementary theater performances.

Also, due to lack of space, we are not able to accept listings for class reunions.

Sales, or "sales events," are not considered calendar information and will not be promoted in the calendar under any circumstances.