Annual Manual 2001

Parks & Recreation: Area Greenways

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Alex Haley/ Morningside Greenway
Length: 0.7 mile
This greenway connects across the South Knoxville Bridge to and through the 15-acre Morningside Park to end at Haley Heritage Square.

First Creek Greenway
Located between Glenwood Avenue and Broadway.
Length: 0.8 mile
The greenway is a small loop trail in the bend of the creek located in the middle of the park.

Holston River Greenway
Holston Hills Road
Length: 2.0 miles
The Holston River Greenway is located within the 44.1-acre Holston River Park. The greenway makes a .64-mile loop around a large open greenspace adjacent to two parking areas. The greenway winds through a forest to cross an abandoned rail line and connect to the corner of Riverside Drive and run parallel to Holston Hills Drive.

Jean Teague Greenway
7624 Sheffeild Drive
Length: 1.1 mile
The Jean Teague Greenway connects West Hills Elementary School to a temporary end at West End Church of Christ. The greenway continues across Sheffield Drive through the 13.6-acre West Hills/John Bynon Park.

Lakeshore Greenway
6410 Northshore Drive
Length: 2.25 miles
Located within the 60-acre Lakeshore Park, the greenway makes a large loop, part of which follows the Tennessee River. Lakeshore Greenway offers spectacular views of the Tennessee River and the sports facilities within the park.

Love's Creek Greenway
at Holston Middle School
Chilhowee Road
Length: 0.32 mile
Love's Creek Greenway has a .32-mile loop located directly in front of the school. An outdoor classroom gazebo is being constructed next to the Creek.

Mary Vestal Greenway
401 Maryville Pike
Length: 0.2 mile
Facilities include bathrooms and water fountains, which are located in the South Knoxville Recreation Center during hours of operation.

Neyland Greenway
Neyland Drive
Length: 3.0 miles
The Neyland Greenway connects across First Creek to Gateway Center and Volunteer Landing. Facilities include bathrooms and water fountains located at Gateway Center and Volunteer Landing.

Northwest Middle School Greenway
5301 Pleasant Ridge Road
Length: 1 mile
The Northwest Greenway is located on school property and makes a loop trail around the perimeter of the open space. Facilities include children's play structures, picnic gazebos, soccer fields, and tennis courts.

Sequoyah Greenway
Cherokee Boulevard
Length: 2.6 miles (not paved)
Sequoyah Greenway is located in the median of Cherokee Boulevard and connects directly across Kingston Pike to Third Creek Greenway (3.7 miles). The Sequoyah Greenway bisects the residential neighborhood of Sequoyah Hills.

Sue Clancy Greenway
1807 Adair Drive and Adair Park
Length: 0.8 mile
The Sue Clancy Greenway is a loop trail located within the 16.5-acre Adair Park. The loop trail passes by a small duck pond, a gazebo, many picnic tables, and a large playground. Facilities include water fountains, a community building, play structures, swings, picnic shelters, and a gazebo.

Third Creek Greenway
entrances at 2351 Kingston Pike and Neyland Drive at Third Creek
Length: 3.7 miles
Third Creek Greenway connects to the 3-mile Neyland Greenway at the mouth of Third Creek on the Tennessee River. Third Creek Greenway bisects the 26-acre Tyson Park, where there are tennis courts, a large playground, and picnic facilities.

Westview Greenway
Keith Avenue
Length: .36 mile
The Westview Greenway is on Keith Avenue. It is a loop trail that meanders through the park, passing by two picnic shelters, swings, two play structures, and a basketball court.

Will Skelton Greenway
Length: 2.25 miles
The Will Skelton Greenway connects Ijams Nature Center Facilities together along the French Broad River to the Forks of the RiverWildlife Management Area. This is a beautiful greenway located in a very natural setting with panoramic views of the river from a variety of perspectives.