Annual Manual 2001

Parks & Recreation: Area Parks

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Knoxville Department of Parks and Recreation
Suite 300 City County Building
400 Main Avenue * 215-2090
The department can provide general information on city parks and recreation programs and brochures on the same.

Knox County Recreation Department
Suite 300 City County Building
400 Main Avenue * 215-2346
The department provides information on organized leagues and teams for basketball, softball, baseball, football, and soccer.

Adair Park
1807 Adair Drive * 215-2090
This 17-acre park features shelters, picnic tables, a playground, baseball and football facilities, outdoor basketball, restrooms, and a recreation center.

Anchor Park
Turkey Creek Road * 966-7057
Located in the southeast quadrant of Farragut, this family-oriented park is approximately 15 acres. Available facilities include baseball, soccer/football fields, a playground, a restroom/concession building, a small lake for fishing, a walking trail, picnic shelters, and volleyball/basketball courts. The park is connected to the Brixworth, Kingsgate, and Sailview subdivisions by the Turkey Creek Greenway.

Bower Field Park
Chapman Highway * 577-9345

Carl Cowan Park
10058 Northshore Drive * 521-2346

Cedar Hill Park
Route 2 Asheville Highway * 932-4475
Park facilities include soccer and softball fields, a basketball court, picnic tables, a shelter, and restrooms.

Chilhowee Park
3301 Magnolia Avenue * 637-5840
This 50-acre park boasts an amphitheater that has played host to legendary musical acts like James Brown. In addition, the park has restroom facilities, concession stands, and a sheltered picnic area.

Concord Park
10901 Northshore Drive * 966-9410
The park's facilities include a tennis court, a swimming pool, and restrooms.

Edgewood Park
1601 Edgewood Avenue * 521-2090
Park facilities include a sheltered picnic area, a playground area, a paved walking trail, and two tennis courts.

Farragut High School
11237 Kingston Pike * 966-9775

Forks of the River
Wildlife Management Area
National Drive
At 331 acres, this park provides water access and lots of open space.

Fort Dickerson Park
Fort Dickerson Road * 521-2090
This 85-acre park offers a sheltered picnic area and an unpaved walking trail.

Fountain City Lake and Park
117 Hotel Avenue
Fountain City Lake and Park facilities include shelters, picnic tables, a playground area, a paved walking trail, and an outdoor basketball court.

Halls Community Park
4233 Crippen Road * 922-3661

Dr. Walter Hardy Park
Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue * 215-2090
The park has a sheltered picnic area.

Holston River Park
5900 Asheville Highway * 546-5436
Facilities for this 44-acre park include a sheltered picnic area, a playground area, a paved walking trail, two soccer fields, and a restroom area. The park also has water access, and connects to the Holston River Greenway.

Ijams Nature Center * 577-4717 ext. 17
Outdoor facilities include an amphitheater and a lawn with covered pavilions. Indoor facilities include a large multi-purpose room (for up to 150 people), small library room, and a brand new education building (for up to 50 people). Kitchen and restroom facilities available. Connected to the Will Skelton Greenway.

Karns High School
2710 Byington-Solway Road * 690-0821

Lakeshore Park
5908 Lion's View Drive * 584-6403
Lakeshore Park offers access to playground facilities, a paved walking trail, baseball/football/soccer fields, concessions, and a restroom area. The park is also connected to Lakeshore Greenway.

Market Square and Charles Krutch Park
333 Clinch Avenue * 521-4248
The park has one shelter and four picnic tables. It also includes restroom facilities.

Mary Vestal Park
401 Maryville Pike
At 13 acres, facilities include 10 picnic tables, playground access, a baseball field, restroom facilities, and concessions.

Morningside Park &
Haley Heritage Square
1600 Dandridge Avenue * 521-2090
This park contains the 13-foot bronze statue honoring author Alex Haley. It offers access to the Alex Haley/Morningside Greenway.

Paschal Carter Park
Carter School Road * 521-2346

Powell Levi Park
6335 West Emory Road * 947-9921

Sequoyah Hills Park & Cherokee Blvd.
1400 Cherokee Boulevard * 521—2090
This 87-acre park offers picnic areas, water access, a playground area, an unpaved walking trail, three baseball fields, a concession stand, and a restroom area.

Sharp's Ridge Memorial Park
329 Sharp's Ridge
Memorial Drive * 215-2090
Sharp's Ridge Memorial Park is a111-acre park that includes shelters, picnic areas, an unpaved walking trail, and a restroom area.

South Doyle High School
2020 Tipton Station Road * 579-8225

Tyson Park
2351 Kingston Pike * 522-3303
Tyson Park includes 14 tennis courts, two baseball fields, a picnic area, and restroom facilities. The park also has access to the Third Creek Greenway.

University of Tennessee Arboretum
901 Kerr Hollow Road,
Oak Ridge * 483-3571
While the Arboretum isn't a public park, it does offer four different walking tours of its experimental forest. They have a very definite no bicycle/no picnic/no pet policy. Check their website at

Volunteer Landing
500 Neyland Drive * 215-2946
The park provides water access, a walking trail, concessions, and restroom facilities.

West Hills/John Bynon Park
7264 Sheffield Drive * 521-2090
Facilities include a playground, picnic tables, a paved walking trail, baseball and football fields, 14 tennis courts, outdoor swimming, and restroom facilities. The park also offers access to the Jean Teague Greenway.

Westview Park
The three-acre park has three picnic tables, playground access, a paved walking trail, an outdoor basketball court, and access to the Westview Greenway.

Willow Creek Park
403 Quarry Road * 922-0926

World's Fair Park and Fort Kid
607 Henley Street * 523-4227
The World's Fair Park offers playground access, a paved walking trail, and restroom facilities.