Annual Manual 2001

Arts and Entertainment: Arts Organizations

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The Arts Council of Greater Knoxville
Candy Factory
1060 World's Fair Park Dr. * 523-7543
Contact the council for more information or questions about Knoxville arts programs and organizations.

Chroma Artist Association, Inc.
Contact: Walt Fieldsa * (865)453-1119
1702 E. Fifth Avenue, Knoxville 37917
This group sponsors art shows in various locations.

East Tennessee Community Design Center
1522 Highland Avenue * 525-9945
HOURS: Mon.-Fri. 9 a.m.-5 p.m.
The center is a non-profit organization that
provides pro-bono design and architectural
help and advice to local organizations. The center
is also working on affordable housing and other community projects.

Jubilee Community Arts
Contact: Brent Cantrell
1538 Laurel Ave. 37916 * 522-5851
Jubilee is a non-profit organization that dedicates itself to preserving and presenting the arts of southern Appalachia. Traditional musicians, storytellers, area artists, and promoting arts in public schools are the core concerns of the organization. Concerts weekly from September to May.

Knoxville Artists Group
Contact: Helen Keese * (865)693-0458
905 Chateaugay Road, Knoxville 37923

Knoxville Arts and Fine Crafts Center
Candy Factory
1060 World's Fair Park Dr. * 523-1401
Contact: Cathy Maples
The center houses classrooms, studios, pottery workshops, darkroom and gallery. Classes are available.

Knoxville Watercolor Society
Contact: Charles Osten
3310 Garden Drive, Knoxville 37918

Tennessee Artist Association
Contact: Bobbie Crews
11542 South Monticello Drive, Knoxville 37922

University of Tennessee Cultural Attractions Committee
UT * 974-5455
The committee hosts primarily road shows like
Stomp and other modern dance and music companies. Contact for upcoming events and ticket info and sales.